Essay Planning And Writing Tips For Beginners

Why is the process of writing an essay so frustrating? Because many students are unsure of what they are doing. This causes exasperation and frustration, but it doesn’t have to.

How can you best write an essay?

  1. Do your research.
  2. Every essay, no matter the type, begins with some research. Your goal in doing research is to make yourself an expert on your topic. The more you know, the better your paper will be. You want to use your school library, as well as academic databases online, and other academic internet resources to conduct research. Take notes as you read and immerse yourself in what other authors have written about your subject.

  3. Analyze your data.
  4. Once you have conducted thorough research, you have a good knowledge base from which to analyze. Your goal now is to analyze all of the arguments that other writers have made. Look for claims that are clearly defined. Write out the reasons what authors make certain claims and uncover what their evidence is. Search for any weaknesses in the logic of other authors and also keep your eyes peeled for any strengths in their argument. An analysis is not necessarily negative.

    Remember that the more you read combined with the more you analyze the work done by others, the better your personal writing skills will become.

  5. Brainstorming.
  6. When writing your essay you will need to brain storm. Ask yourself questions about the topic. List what you know, and what you need to know still. Write about the things that you want to know more about, even if you know basic information already. Try and look at your topic from the point of view of someone who is new to it. Try and think like them and see what questions they will have about the topic. The brainstorming period may be assisted by a free write session. Free writing is where you set a timer for a short amount of time, often five minutes, and you keep your pen to the paper, writing for the entire five minutes. This stream of consciousness will free your mind from the random thoughts that inhibit it and allow your creativity to shine through. Using stream of consciousness can help you find answers to things you already know, or find new questions that you need to answer in your research.

Following all of these steps will ensure you produce a top notch essay. Need help with essay hire essay writer here - 24/7 online support.