How to structure your research papers?

When it comes to research papers, there are various things that you need to look at in order to ensure that it will be well structured. This is because you always need to ensure that your research papers well structured and therefore ensuring that you will be able to get the best results from it. It is also important to understand the general flow of the research paper right from the way it starts up until the final parts of the paper and to the conclusion and final part. This will be a good way of understanding How to structure your research papers?

In structuring your research paper, you will usually start by coming up with an effective thesis followed up by setting what is referred to as the context of the dialogue or discussion. In doing this, you will already have set up your research paper ready for the rest of the materials which will then follow a specific approach all the way to the end. When you are actually settling on starting your research paper, you will need to write your introduction. The introduction plays an important role in helping to give the research paper part of what will form its general structure. It will usually consist of three different parts which are

  • The presentation of the problem at hand.
  • The focus on the current paper
  • The overview basically of what the writers arguments are or a summary of his or her position

When you have such a clearly written introduction, you will already be in a position where you will have the general model or the blue print of the whole of your research paper. You will therefore be able to answer the question How to structure your research papers? You will then be at a better position to go on ahead and finish up with the rest of the paper. The body is another part of the research papers where the evidence of the thesis is now presented. The supporting information is what comes about here with all the paragraphs having topic sentences with concluding or final sentences which lead on to the next paragraph. During this stage, support for the thesis is paramount and where you have to mention the thesis whether it had paraphrased or cited.

The conclusion comes as the final and last paragraph where you get to summarize how your paper proved the thesis. Since it is in a new paragraph, no new or additional information is added here. Here, the main thin that had been used in the thesis are summarized ensuring that everything mentioned in the research is summarized.