Ebola Outbreak

The outbreak of Ebola in Africa has been traced back to the Mops condylurus long tailed insect eating bat. This bat’s DNA was tested from the feces and was determined to have the virus. The first case of Ebola from this bats was in a toddler, who died from the virus in December 2013. While other bats have been suspected to be carrying the virus, tests haven’t confirmed it. It is very easy to have an outbreak of Ebola in a country like Africa because of the lack of water and sanitation makes is easily spread.

To spread Ebola all a human has to do is come in contact with any animal that has been infected, this animal infects the human. This means if an African family eats an animal that is infected then the entire family is infected. If the meat is cooked at the right temperature and stored properly there is less chance of getting it but this isn’t always the case. And Ebola can even be passed to fruit and other produce if an animal that is infected comes in contact with it, through saliva or feces.

This outbreak also has an effect on how people will get food. At the rate that the virus is spreading as many as a quarter of a million of people could be infected by March in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. While their food is scarce in these areas, if the outbreak gets worse then they will have problems getting food to them. While there is no medication or drugs to treat Ebola, there has been cases where survivors of virus can give the infected their blood and it helps. This is because the survivors have antibodies in their blood that they built up when they were infected and these antibodies can help patients that are infected.

The outbreak still isn’t over yet, as of January 16, 2015, there are over twenty one thousand cases in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. There are eight cases in Mali and one in the United Kingdom. Nigeria has seen twenty cases, Senegal one, Spain one, and the United States four. Most of these cases that are out of Africa are aid workers, nurses, and doctors that went to the country to help with the outbreak, which is one of the largest on record. Before that, the largest outbreak was in 1976 and there were only six hundred and two cases with four hundred and thirty one deaths.