Research paper draft is very important

A draft is a rough sketch of the essay or term paper you are going to write. It comes in the pre-writing phase. When a student writes a draft it is not considered the part of the final essay writing. It is rather the stage before final writing. Drafts contain brainstormed ideas and research matter. When you carry out research to compile your term paper there are results that may be irrelevant. Such irrelevant details are discarded and only relevant and important details are kept in the draft.

  • The draft of your research paper is a rough sketch and it does not follow a proper format
  • The order of the paragraphs may change in the final essay paper
  • While writing a draft the grammar and spell check is not ensured
  • The draft may not have a proper introduction and conclusion paragraph. They are included in the final paper.
  • The draft is not for official submission it is only meant for guiding the student so it can be cluttered and may have some areas that need to be edited and revised

The importance of a draft

Drafts are very important because they help the student in taking an initiative. Students are scared of writing the research paper that whether they are doing it right or not. They are usually facing writer’s block and are unable to break out of it. Once a student writes a draft the ideas start coming to him automatically and he can move on to official paper. A draft is a rough sketch of your original paper so students are free to make mistakes. They should not fear making a mistake or committing an error because it will be removed in the final paper. A draft proves to be a true guide for further writing. Students can add or discard information as per their liking. Once the draft of your research paper is created you must go through it carefully. You can read it aloud and take a pen in your hand while reading your draft. Highlight important points. Mark numbering on paragraphs and determine their order for the final paper. Cut the extra repetitive information. Cut down sentences that convey the same meaning and try to keep your final essay brief and precise. A draft will also help the students in determining if they have missed anything so that they may add it in the final paper.