How to Stand out with your PhD Thesis

OK, you are getting ready to write your PhD thesis and you are probably a bit intimidated. Don't be. In the next few minutes you will get tips on writing a PhD Thesis that will stand out from all of the rest.

  • Remember that the academics need you. In order to build an academic career that is successful one must have a record of PhD supervisions that is successful. Never be afraid to directly approach a potential supervisor. You will be helping thei career as much as they will be helping yours.
  • Own it. Do not let the supervisor shape how your research develops. This is your baby not theirs.
  • Write as you go. DO not save the writing for the last part. 40-80,000 words at once is incredibly difficult. Take it slow and easy but write as you go along. You can organize it closer to the end.
  • Have a love – hate relationship with your thesis. It's ok to hate it. You have been dealing with it for so long that it can seem to take over your life. Take a break and refocus and then come back to it.
  • Finish it, don't perfect it. Perfection is a mythical state. What may be perfect to you may be shoddy work to someone else and vice versa. Get it done and make it is great as you can.
  • Realize that the written thesis is only a partial fulfillment of the necessary requirements for your degree. You will still have to defend and the examiners will also look at impact activities, publications and your training record.
  • Don't fear the viva. This is your opportunity to shine and defend the work that you have poured your soul into for the past years. Besides, in many instances, the examiners will have already decided whether you will pass or fail before you walk into the room.
  • Have a plan for after the PhD. Once you finish and have your PhD, you need to have a plan as to how you are going to fill the time spent working on your thesis.
  • Know the worth of your thesis. Maybe it will feel a bit anti-climactic when you finally finish, but the knowledge and experience that you have gained through this trial is something that nobody can ever take from you.
  • Forget everything you just read. The only way that you will ever find out the way to stand out with your PhD is to tackle it and do it yourself!