Why is it important that your topic is approved by the teacher?

  • Your teacher will be the one grading your paper. He will decide whether or not you fulfilled the requirements and followed the guidelines. It is better to get your topic approved before you will start working in the wrong direction.
  • He or she has been teaching students for a long time and has seen many papers of the kind you are going to write. It is better to ask if this is a common topic to write among the students and, if yes, ask for some suggestion of not such popular, but interesting topics.
  • The teacher may be aware of the other topics your classmates are going to use. It is a good thing to ask the teacher if the topic is already taken by somebody this year to avoid repetition of the subject.

How to find a topic my teacher will approve?

If you are afraid that your teacher will not approve the topic you have chosen, try to look at it critically yourself and decide if you would like it, if somebody would offer it to you. If you doubt your topic or it seems too weak for you, it is better to re-think it before you visit the teacher to avoid getting such an assessment from him. Think of the periods or topics your teacher likes the most in the course, this may give you the necessary preferences.

May I ask the teacher to give me the topic, even if it a free assignment?

Sometimes the question is not even about the approving a topic, but about finding the topic itself. It is, of course, always better to come up with something interesting yourself and get a better credit for it. But if your imagination and research abilities do not want to work with you this time, you can try and go to your teacher. He may not give you the topic itself, but will at least guide you, which way to go or where to look. But first try to critically assess if your teacher will like this or not. If he is always open for questions and glad to help the students, feel free to come up to him. But if he mostly likes students doing it themselves and sees the point of learning in it, it is better to find the topic yourself.