Good dissertation topics are hard to find

Selecting a good dissertation topic can be as taxing as the task of formulating a financial budget. Choosing a suitable dissertation topic is the first step of writing the dissertation and therefore it is required that the topic chosen by you has enough scope for research and evaluation of data collected by you. You can’t choose to write on a topic of poverty rate in the country as it is a wide platform and cannot be measured on a individual level. Nor can you write a research paper on the number of mosquitoes in a given area, as it would be difficult to enumerate it factually. Therefore most students suffer from anxiety for not only completing the dissertation but also express their inability and ambiguity for finding a suitable topic for the writing the dissertation, which is relevant to today’s problem and practices and can be measured in an individual level.

Dissertation topic selection is a hefty task and requires huge amount of thinking and efforts to find the right topic. Choosing a good dissertation topic is vital to your achievement of academic pursuits and career enhancement as it requires detailed analysis and evaluation of research problem by overcoming various hindrances to research and it needs to follow the pattern of continuity till it is subject to completion. Therefore selection of research topic is only a first step in the long path that you have to traverse by unveiling various facets of the research problem and giving it a proper conclusion that is most relevant in solving the research problem. Also the research topic must be related to your field of study.

Selecting a dissertation topic of physics in the chemistry subject will make you stand out among the rest of the students in the class. Though, it may happen quite literally. Another important factor in determining a dissertation topic is based on your level of interest in the research problem that you aim to address. It is important that you select a topic that will engage you as a writer and researcher and facilitate the successful completion of the dissertation.

The next big concern is the worthiness of the problem addressed. For example, you are addressing the impact of water scarcity in your area, where there is no dearth of water. You will be considered as a luniac trying to research about the UFO’s.

The research problem must also be supported by relevant theory which forms part of the secondary research. Often help for selecting a good topic can be sought from advisors, teachers or tutors who have experience in the field. You can also chat with them to assess your alternatives to research topics and find out the feasibility of the research. Also, there is vacuum in originality of research as people use the same dissertation topics which have been used for generations and have become a legacy for years to come.

Some steps to find a good a good research topic are:

  • Note all the alternatives of research topics
  • Make sure that it is realistic and researchable
  • Think how the topic will benefit you in planning your future
  • Be diligent to find a good topic
  • Choose a compelling topic
  • Use current and hot topics

These steps may help you find a good topic for dissertation, which is otherwise very hard to find!