Essay Example on the significant role of international communication in world politics

Communication in the international front is quite broad and it also plays an equally significant role in all these dimensions. However, the main focus in this article is the role played by communication in the world`s politics.

For the purpose of sustaining a community communication is important, the global community needs communication to for example share information. Therefore, it is very important to understand the role played by communication in international relations.

The world has been globalized and it’s more interconnected than ever. According to Lehigh University`s catalog on international relations, the economic ups and downs of countries, firms and various individuals in the world affects decisions made elsewhere on trade and investments. With the internet, people can form political movements and networks that go beyond the borders.

Having control over communications and information gives an upper hand in gaining political-economic power. This is very evident internationally as both China and United States strive to win greater presence in communication and information. Apparently, China`s steps towards improving its communications is viewed as a sign of the growing challenge to counter the worldwide political-economic power enjoyed by United states.

Today, telecommunication networks play an important role in coordinating dispersed corporate productions chains across the globe. This translates to greater economic power which subsequently gives more political dominance across the world to the nations involved.

International communication has led to the development of many political actions across different countries of the world. For instance, ending of slavery might have never been achieved if its ills had not been communicated. Ralph Bunche in his publication “A World view of Race” communicated to the world reasons to why he though slavery was prevalent. He argued that behind it all the Negrowas enslaved because of economic considerations.