Help Me Get Ethnographic Research Paper Examples: Vital Suggestions

Ethnography, belonging to the broad area of cultural anthropology, is the study of different cultures and people all over the world. Some say it is one of the most interesting topics for researchers, as the field itself is broad enough to provide numerous topics and, consequently, opportunities for developments in various communities. However, it is probably this vast arena of possibilities that confuses and frightens new students, who are confused regarding their niche. Thus, here are some vital suggestions for when you are looking for ethnographic research paper examples.

Vital Suggestions when hunting for ethnographic research paper examples:

  • Sociology/Anthropology Blogs: There is a plethora of excellent, updated blogs on the internet, some of which are solely dedicated to ethnography. You can look for research paper examples on many of these, as they often conduct independent or associated studies. Furthermore, these blogs will also make good sources of information if you are working on your own topic.
  • Anthropology/Ethnography Journals: Even though these journals might give you excellent insight into the universe of cultures and people, it might be a problem to get hold of one. Anthropology/Ethnography falls into a specific niche category, and journals in the same category might cost you a fair share of money. An alternate option, in this case, is to look for second hand copies (from book exchanges), or issues published and available on the internet.
  • University/College Websites: Ransacking the archives of a university website may be one of the easiest ways to get examples of essays. Such portals update their databases annually with research published by students who have graduated. Thus, you may be able to get recent information easily.
  • Essay Websites: The internet is full to the brim with websites that sell or exhibit essays for free. Most of these have lists of topics from their huge database, a large number of which are available at no or minimal cost.
  • Official Websites for TV Channels: Channels dedicated to nature, education, and learning update their websites often with documentaries, interviews, and research conducted on cultures and communities all over the world.
  • Other Sources: If you still want information, you can refer to demographic and psychographic figures and information records for countries available online. These are often available from official sources as well. You can look into archives and legally published documents such as constitutions and executive records.