Everything You Need To Know About Writing an APA Format Research Paper

The writing technique suggested for research papers by the American Psychological Association is called the APA format. There are two fundamental ideas established in the APA format. Firstly, the research showcases that which has been asserted is right. So, the citations of existing works by other people require the usage of present and past perfect tense. Secondly, after naming any source in the document, you need to mention the publication year, as it’s of utmost significance.

A research paper of APA format has to be divided into- a title page, followed by an abstract, an introduction, the methods, results, discussions and the final page known as the reference section. Your study will provide you with tons of information. Read on to know how to address your research findings in the suitable sections.

  • Title Page:
    • The crux of the research should determine the title.
    • All details in the title page (your name, title, name of your college) should be double spaced.
    • Word Limit- Maximum 12
  • Abstract:
    • Write in a single paragraph
    • Should be double spaced
    • The topic needs to be stated in a sentence. An overview of the method, results and discussion should be given.
    • Word limit- 120
  • Introduction: To craft a superb introduction, you need to make it very interesting. This will grip the reader’s attention while you integrate and evaluate the research critically. Begin in a semi-broad manner and finish off the summary in a more focused way determining the particular theory of your research paper.
  • Methods: In this section, the contributor, resources and/or equipments, and practice are included. It should be constructed with accuracy and written in a clear-cut manner.
  • Results: This section is where you explain what you found after examining the data. In case, the examination is crucial, divide each hypothesis that you found into different parts and label each part for better explanation and understanding.
  • Discussion: An exact opposite format of introduction is to be followed here. You need to start with discussing the findings and interpreting them specifically while ending the discussion on a broad note.
  • References:
  • Alphabetical listing needed using Author’s last name.
  • All should be double-spaced and there shouldn’t be any extra space in the references

The given information will surely help you prepare your APA format research paper in an accurate manner.