Creating PhD theses: be your own critic

PhD thesis is something complex even for the students who have been doing research work in their graduate and m-Phil studies. PhD thesis is not only about giving a novel idea and then implementing it in your research thesis. PhD thesis is more technical paper which is needed to be deal with core interest and hard work. PhD thesis mainly based on research and facts, you cannot execute random amazing ideas in your PhD thesis. You need to be more focused and you need to read more in your PhD thesis.

PhD thesis passes through many revisions. Many times you have to edit and rewrite it. At times, students find it a hectic and irritating thing to rewrite what they already have written with great care but you have to write a PhD thesis according to the requirements and suggestions of your supervisor. You can get rid of this repetition and rewriting thing by examining your own thesis in a critical way. If you analyze and write your PhD thesis critically then you can avoid this command for revising your writing again and again.

In this article you will find few ways of creating a PhD thesis and how to be your own critique. Following are the few ways of creating an impressive thesis by self-help:

  • Listening to your inner critique:
  • Listen to your inner critique. Inner critique is basically the voice of your inner which keeps on warning you when you are going in wrong directions in your thesis. Inner critique serves as the check on your actions. Whenever you show carelessness in writing your PhD thesis, it will indicate it at once, so you have to listen it and correct the mistake instead of ignoring it.

  • Noticing:
  • Be aware when your inner voice bothers you about some carelessness or mistake.

    Recognition and strategy making:

    Try to find out what exactly you have done wrong in your thesis and then make out a strategy to overcome it.

  • Face and Flight Response:
  • Face your inner critique instead of escaping from it.

  • Other’s Support:
  • Seek for other’s help as well in correctional methods.

  • Self-criticism:
  • Be ready for self-criticism and do not be afraid of it.

If you keep these few points in your mind while creating your PhD thesis then surely you won’t need to face any rejection of your work from your supervisor.