How to do a Thesis in 4 Days?

Writing a thesis is a huge project, and most students are thinking that it will take them months or even the whole year to write. If you just don’t have enough time to do that or you’re too stressed out about working on one long essay for so long, it can be very frustrating. Most students will be anxious about their thesis and stressed out about how they’re going to get all this work done on time and have the finished thesis be actually half decent writing. It can be difficult to even start when you have a mental block about hard it’s going to be, and simply starting is usually the worst part. Once you’ve gotten a bit of research done and written a few sentences for your first page, the rest of your thesis kind of flows along afterwards because your momentum will keep you writing and working.

But if you really need to just work on this and get it done as fast as possible, how should you go about it? There are a few tips you can use to get your thesis done super-fast, in only a few days, but you have to be really dedicated to work this quickly. During the four days, you’ll hardly be eating and going to the bathroom you’ll be working so much, and there will be no time for friends, family, video games, books, or anything else other than your thesis. But after these few days of intensive work, you’re got the rest of the semester or year off to yourself!

So how do you start? First things first, get a topic chosen. Make sure it’s something you’re really passionate about, because you’ll be into your eyeballs deep in research and thinking about this subject for the next four days. If it’s boring, your four days will feel more like forty and you’ll be miserable. After you’ve got a solid topic, it’s time to make your outline. Start by organizing different parts of your research into groups or chapters, and put similar things together into one chapter. Then, lay them out in order of what you want to display them in the final thesis.

Now, you only need to do the writing. Write as fast as you can without looking back on things you wrote the day before, and don’t do any editing until the very end.