Choosing intriguing topics for research papers in English

A good research paper in English will show the writer’s skill to best effect. The following ten topics are quite intriguing and should be considered:

  • Will intelligent life be discovered on other planets?
  • With the discovery of new planets more or less daily, the chances of encountering life among them is astronomical. This essay can look into the odds that such life could be intelligent.

  • Can biological warfare ever be justified?
  • This topic is self explanatory.

  • Does the provision of welfare create more problems than it solves?
  • Welfare is not a recent concept nor is the outcry against it. This essay can look into what extent it helps and or hinders the progress of the poor.

  • Has the shift from scripted dramas to reality television led to a decline in the quality of television programming?
  • Reality television is not that new but it has exploded in popularity over the last decade. This essay can explore to what extent the genre worships mediocrity.

  • Can the existence of God be definitively proven?
  • This topic explains itself.

  • Should marine life be granted legal rights so that the destruction of their habitats can be stopped by a court of law?
  • Traditionally the sea has been treated as too vast to be harmed by human action. As modern testing proves this to be false, this essay can explain how the sea can be legally protected.

  • Should all pregnant females have the right to abortion regardless of their age?
  • This essay explains itself.

  • Can Martial Arts training lead to better grades?
  • Involvement in martial arts creates discipline which theoretically can produce a better student. This essay can explore that concept deeply.

  • Is human cloning truly immoral?
  • The reasons for the prohibition on human cloning can be looked into in detail along with any benefits that the practice might confer if legal.

  • Should all countries offer sanctuary to refugees who face violence in their home countries?
  • With wars continuing world wide many people are without peaceful homes in which to live and raise children. This essay can look into whether it is a moral obligation for countries to provide assistance and sanctuary to people who would most likely die or be tormented if they remained in their home countries.

These topics can all be used to build research which intrigues the reader and inspires him or her to deeper thoughts.