Good Ways to Start a Research Paper: 8 Expert Advice

It doesn’t matter what the writing assignment is, there is only one place to start and that is at the beginning. This applies to writing a research paper as well. A good writer will become adept at finding and recording relevant information around a thesis statement. The information will support the conclusions of the author, finishing assignments and garnering good grades. Sometimes the beginning of a research paper can be difficult to determine. In this paper there are eight answers to how to start a research paper.

  1. Find a Topic
  2. In some classes the topics are assigned to students so you can move on to the next step. For many classes though, you have to choose your own research paper topic. This should be easy. Create a list including all possible topics. Determine which of those topics you are interested in, choosing a top three. Then see how easily the research can be collected.

  3. Write a Thesis Statement
  4. All research papers need a thesis statement. That is where a short statement about your topic is written. This statement should explain what a reader will learn when they read the paper, but more importantly, it should guide the writer in the writing process. A well constructed thesis statement is an excellent place to start the writing process.

  5. Introduction
  6. The introduction of a research paper is an extremely important portion of the research paper. It is within the introduction that the thesis statement is presented. Not only that but a short preview of the coming information should be included so that any reader will understand what they might learn if they read the paper. A well constructed introduction can be a great beginning for any research paper.

  7. Outline
  8. Before a great research paper can be constructed, there has to be a careful and well researched outline created. This outline should provide a writing map to complete the paper. If a writer follows a good outline, the research paper will contain a great flow and present the information in a pleasing way. A great outline is a good place to start your research paper.

  9. Notes
  10. Taking notes is a skill, because they need to be organized in some form in order to be truly useful. There is no one method of note taking. It is just a way of collecting information that can be used in the writing process. This information provides the writer with his ultimate resource. Compiling great notes is a great way to start a research paper.

  11. Rough Draft
  12. Writing a practice copy of a paper or a rough draft is one of the first steps in the research paper process. These rough drafts show where the strengths and weaknesses of a paper exist and can be improved. It is also easy to ask for advice from peers and instructors when you have a rough idea of what you will be producing.

  13. Collect Resources
  14. Before a writer can begin to write a paper, they first need to compile an appropriate stash of resources. These resources can be hard copy in books or online at a research site. Making a complete list of these resources is a great place to start.

  15. Gauge Interest
  16. Before a paper can really be started there has to be some sort of passion for the topic from the writer. As the list of possible topics is compiled, the level of passion should be considered be considered before they are chosen. A passionate writer will complete an assignment much easier than one who is just going through the motions. Passion is a great place to start a research paper.