Academic paper tips: how to avoid plagiarism

When it comes to academic writing there are many things students worry about. Sticking to the norms of the general academic writing style as well as to the rules of a particular style (MLA, APA, etc.) can be very difficult if you do not have much experience in this genre. Even more, it can feel like limiting your ideas and it can feel like you do not have the actual ability to write down your ideas and your research (even if you actually do have this ability).

No matter how important sticking to the norms is, there will always be a thing that is more important than any way of introducing citations and any way of formatting your writing: plagiarism. Understanding plagiarism, what it is, why it is to be avoided and, most important, how to avoid it is absolutely crucial.

Plagiarism: The Things You Have to Know About It

When it comes to plagiarism, many of the students out there do not understand the fact that even a badly inserted quote can be considered to be plagiarized. Even more, even an idea that you have rephrased and adapted to your own research can be considered to be plagiarism if someone else has pointed it out before and if you have not mentioned this.

In the academic world, plagiarism is the equivalent of stealing somebody else’s work, even if this is not your actual intention. After all, if you had been a professional researcher, you wouldn’t have liked the idea of having your research stolen and used without properly naming you. This would be your work and your efforts and seeing someone using it as if it were their own (even if that is not their intention, again) can be extremely frustrating.

How to Avoid Plagiarism

One of the rules of thumb when it comes to avoiding plagiarism is to always get acquainted with the correct way in which you should cite references and in which you should introduce quotes. These rules can vary from one academic writing guideline to another so do make sure that you stick to yours.

Furthermore, it would be great if you could run a plagiarism check on your paper using a specialized software application. This can help you spot any sentences or paragraphs that are incorrectly written from this point of view and to modify them before you actually deliver the paper.