5 components a literary analysis essay should include

Writing a literary analysis essay sure can be a drag. First, you have to actually wade through the boring piece of literature in the first place. Then, you have to spend an untold amount of time taking the essay apart, bit by bit, trying to explain what some mentally unstable, dead writer intended when he wrote the piece.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, though. Keep these things in mind when writing your essay and you’ll nail it. These five components must be in every literary analysis essay.

  1. Break the piece down into its fundamental elements
  2. Examine each individual element for similes or metaphors
  3. Consider the time period in which the essay was written and its potential intended meaning
  4. Focus on the big ideas found in the paper – what is the whole story about?
  5. Look for common literary techniques to help prove your point – foreshadowing, irony, etc.

If you focus on dissecting each of these things your essay will have all of the components a perfect literary essay needs.

How Can You Do These Things?

If you don’t find literary analysis to be as natural as breathing then you may struggle to hit all of these components in your essay. That’s completely normal. Many students are forced to go through these literature classes simply to meet requirements set by the college in order to improve their profitability. It’s a sad state of affairs, really, but we have to deal with it as students.

You may consider hiring someone else to write the essay for you. The good news is that virtually any piece of literature has been analyzed before. A skilled writer can take the time to write a completely original piece or research what others have written on it in the past.

You might be studying towards a degree in medicine or engineering. There’s no reason you should have to write about The Invisible Man by Ralph Waldo Ellison. But, your college may have these requirements and you can’t obtain your degree without doing it.

Instead of putting all of your valuable time into analyzing a piece of literature that doesn’t interest you in the least bit consider hiring someone to help you get it done. You can get together with your friends and enjoy some pizza and a movie instead. It can be very affordable, especially if you hire an international writer.