How to write a thesis: choosing a style

Writing a thesis can be a pain in many ways but it is a very useful tool in learning and retaining information. Along with deciding on a topic as well as researching it and finding out how you will correlate all of the information you must also decide what style you will use in the writing of it.

There are basically four different styles that you can choose from and some of them will work better when writing about certain areas. Why don’t we take a quick look at them now?


This type is more for a factual thesis that is unemotional in any way. In this style of writing you will use no pronouns and no slang. It is a very difficult style to adapt to but very effective when trying to give a discourse on many facts. This style is best when used in fields like science or history.


The semi-formal style is both a little less formal and, easier to relate to. It is easier to write than the formal style. To see examples of this type of thesis style you could look at a critique of art or literature. Many times college admissions essays are done using this style.


This style for thesis writing is extremely easy. However it should not be used in the case of trying to present a lot of factual or technical information. This style may include pronouns and slang and is good for reflective papers or even editorial papers


Satirical and farcical writing in a thesis style is not really recommended for use in any type of thesis but people can and do use this style every year and somehow managed to leave school unscathed. Be extremely careful if you decide to use this style for your thesis.

Now that we have gone over the different styles available for writing a thesis, how do you choose one? Actually it should be easy to choose now that you understand the styles. If you are inputting a lot of facts and technical information with no person touches at all then go with formal. If you will have the facts and technical information along with a bit of personality then go with semi-formal. If your paper is more reflective and editorial the informal is the style for you and if you want to take a walk on the wild side then go with satirical.