10 Inspiring Ideas For High School Term Papers You Should Consider

If you’re a student, you have experienced that education process of today involves a lot of writing on various subjects. The very first thing you encounter when composing a term paper is picking the topic. This can be challenging, because there are usually too many ideas to choose from. It can be a good idea to take your time and explore, which areas of the given discipline appeal to you the most. However, if the deadline is near, and you are still having a hard time coming up with a solid topic for your term paper, take a look at the list of ideas below:

  1. Consumerism: the trend of today’s society.
  2. Material goods have become a means of achieving social ranks and satisfying psychological needs. Do a research and discover how much modern people are subject to this phenomenon.

  3. A study on homosexuality: hormonal system peculiarities.
  4. Scientific studies have confirmed that people are born homosexual, and that hormones play a major part in that. Gather some data and make your own conclusions.

  5. Women in military: limitations and peculiarities.
  6. Women require more training to get on the same level with men in military. However, they are said to have better sense of balance.

  7. Gender stereotypes and eating disorders.
  8. It’s not a secret that people are judged by how they look, so a lot of them try dieting to fit in. Use some surveys and studies to find out the ratio of female and male eating disorders.

  9. Cyber sports: the growing tendency of the XXI century.
  10. With the implementation of technology in almost every aspect of modern life, it’s becoming more and more possible to earn money by simply being good at computer games.

  11. The influence of a good website on an enterprise.
  12. Web pages are the first places people look at, when searching for anything. That is why having a nicely looking home page can be vital for one’s business.

  13. Adult advertisement and their impact on teenagers.
  14. Can sexually aggressive advertising cause youth smoking and alcohol consumption?

  15. Beauty contests: a study on changing standards.
  16. Gather some data on how the concept of attractive looks changed over time, using beauty contest winners as an example.

  17. Cyber crime: reasons and ways to prevent.
  18. Your identity can be stolen anytime if you have a personal computer. Do a research on why that happens and what can be done about it.

  19. The advantages of marijuana legalization
  20. Find out, how economy and health care system would benefit from allowing marijuana on a federal level.