Top 5 Education Thesis Topics

How Can We Offer More Career Alternatives Other Than The College Track?

It has been ingrained in every American child that once you leave high school, you would automatically attend and graduate from college in order to succeed in the world. However, some education experts and social scientists as well as politicians say that not enough is being done to assist high school graduates who do not want to or cannot attend college. You can discuss in your research paper how local school boards can build more vocational schools where there is less focus on college preparation and more on practical skills that allow them to start businesses with low capital such as cosmetology, plumbing, landscaping, freelance writing, sewing, electrician training, carpentry, culinary arts and visual arts.

Is The Internet Hurting Students' Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills?

While some education experts say that the Internet is a useful tool for students who attend schools with limited resources such as textbooks, other experts say that today's students are relying too heavily on the Internet and other forms of technology to learn concepts and as a result, they gradually lose their ability to think analytically and critically. You can talk about the advantages of reading books and doing reading comprehension exercises over skimming through Internet literature that doesn't allow them to study the text thoroughly.

Should Social Studies Curriculum Be Changed To Reflect America's Changing Demographics?

You can write a paper about the need for social studies curriculum to be changed nationwide to reflect our country's growing diverse demographics and any recent research that has been done regarding America's history over the past five years. You want to include documentation from different school districts that have done this and were successful at it. You also want to include the opposing side of the issue.

Homeschooling Actually Has Positive Benefits

The issue of homeschooling is a heated one in our country and some states allow homeschooling while others ban it. In your thesis paper you can discuss the positive benefits of homeschooling children and you want to include documentation that proves your claim as well as rebuttals from those who do not feel this way. Discuss the history of homeschooling in America and the religious freedom factor that is related to this topic. Mention any key court cases that involved the rights of parents to homeschool their children.