How to write an outstanding narrative essay

Writing a good narrative essay includes understanding the purpose behind the assignment, while being creative with your words and thoughts. This essay helps present readers a story that happened in real-life or a true experience that occurred. While being a verbal storyteller may be a stronger suit for many students instead of writing a story on paper, you work to connect the true experience to something much larger or with a broad concept. In short, you work to show the meaning behind your story. The following points can help you understand the narrative essay writing process in further detail.

  • Based on guidelines and instructions you were given think about your life experiences and what would be a good fit for what is required for the assignment. You may choose to discuss a goal you achieved for example. Choose a topic that has an emotional connection to help improve chances of writing an effective essay.
  • Have an outline to follow for your narrative essay. This will help sort feelings and actions in relation to your story you want to be sure to mention. Be creative with your story; some students consider using fictional elements to help make certain details standout such as plot-building to create an authentic setting.
  • Write your content in first person to help engage readers into your content. Try not to skip on details since readers may not be aware of what actually happened. This may even affect how much they actually understand after reading the essay. Be vivid with words in describing the setting and actions going on while creating a mental illustration.
  • Revise what you have written so far. Make sentences and paragraphs more detailed and defined. Is the content easy to read and understand from a reader’s perspective? Does the content make the reader feel as if they are a part of the experience? You selection of words should avoid being informative while being descriptive. What was the overall or larger message of the content and was it fully expressed in an effective manner? What did you conclude for the essay and will readers be able to connect with it?
  • Edit your final draft. Make sure your essay reads well from start to finish. Check for errors, review grammar and punctuation, and word usage. Make necessary changes to improve essay quality and clarity of content.