Free Narrative Essays are No Good

There are going to be many different styles of writing assignments that students get and the narrative essay is one of these. The narrative essay is going to be about a story or experience that is being relayed to the reader. This narrative is going to be about an event, or experience. Often students who are pressed for time or just plain lazy opt to search the internet for free narrative essays to fulfill all of their educational writing experiences. This is a bad idea because free narrative essays are generally no good.

Poor Quality

Since these essays are going to cost you absolutely nothing then the quality of the work is probably going to be suspect. The old saying, you always get what you pay for, should be kept in mind. A poor narrative will come across like the worst movie you can imagine. If a student searches really hard and spends a lot of time looking through many sites they might find a good narrative essay. However in the time this took, they could have just written it themselves.

It’s not Ethical

It is not popular to talk about morals today, but passing in someone else’s work as your own in unethical and not good for your mind or spirit. Cheating robs the student of the experience that they were meant to receive from completing the writing assignment in the first place. Even if it takes a bit of time, the ability to craft a proper story in a narrative essay will help a person flourish in almost any other form of writing. Also it can be argued that taking a short cut in this part of life will lead to other short cuts in other facets of life. It cannot be ignored that taking someone else’s work and claiming it as your own in a clear case of fraud, it is wrong and can’t be considered anything else.

What if Discovered?

Finally before you decide not to write your personal narrative for yourself, consider what will happen if your cheating is discovered. First you will fail the assignment. Today with the competition to get accepted into a good school, one slip up like this and dreams of attending the school of your choice could be down the drain. Then you may be subject to some sort of ethics board. Many schools institute cheating policies to make sure that students do their own work to the best of their ability. These agreements are usually signed by the students and the parents. If this agreement is violated, academic probation or even expulsion could result. Finally, having a blemish like cheating included in your permanent record might just be too much to overcome in your quest for a great education. When you weigh all of the consequences free narrative essays are no good.