Ford Motor Company

Most people refer to the Ford Motor Company as just Ford and I am one of the many. Ford is an American multinational firm that manufactures automobiles. The firm has its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. As much as the company is a top global automobile manufacturer, it started out of a single individual’s passion for vehicles.

Henry Ford came together with 12 other investors and managed to get The Ford Motor Company incorporated in the year 1903, over a century ago. But that was not the first stint for Henry to manufacture an automobile. It was actually his third one. The first stint was in 1899 when he worked at the Detroit Automobile Company where he worked for less than one year. As soon as he left the company, he built a race car that had a power output of only 26 horsepower. In the year 1901, Henry used this car to compete against an established race car driver, Alexander Winston, in a 10 lap race at Detroit Driving Club. Despite Alexander having a car with a power output of 70 horsepower, Henry won the race.

Whenever the mention of Ford in the automobile industry happens, any motor vehicle enthusiast will definitely visualize the firm’s logo. What most people might not know is that Ford’s scripted typeface, the trademark, was first introduced in the year 1907. The trademark has undergone four more variations since the first one was introduced in 1907. The current Ford trademark was introduced in the year 2003 and probably a better one will be introduced in the future. One thing that is clear with all the variations of the trademark is the unmistakable identity of the logo.

The corporate paradigm is that every successful firm should have some social responsibility. Ford is a successful company and it definitely gives back to the community in different ways. Just like the Ford’s founder had a passion for automobiles, the company now inspires development of talents, especially in arts in the Detroit Community. The firm, through its Company Fund, works with DSO (Detroit Symphony Orchestra) musicians in creating a series of orchestral music performances in the community. These performances enable people be aware of the orchestral music as an art, which someone can venture into. Another corporate responsibility that Ford has taken up is providing challenge grants to students in order to encourage building of sustainable communities.

Vision and passion are key components for any business venture. This story is definitely seen through the efforts of Henry Ford in setting up the Ford Motor Company.