Creating A Research Paper Bibliography In The APA Format: Tips & Tricks

What is a Bibliography?

A bibliography is perhaps the most important section of any research paper, dissertation or project. It is a comprehensive list of all the sources one has used in the process of his research work.

The common items to be included in a bibliography are:

  • Name of the author/writer
  • Work titles
  • Companies details including name and location, which has published copies of the sources used
  • Publication dates
  • Page number of the sources used, if they are a component of multi source volumes

Another form of bibliography also exists and is known as an annotated bibliography. It is similar to a regular bibliography with one major difference. Here a brief description follows the bibliographical information. It includes the content, usefulness and quality of the sources used.

What is an APA style?

APA i.e. American Psychological Association is a style of referencing, most commonly used within social sciences to cite sources. A few tips and tricks to follow the APA style are:

  • The information should be typed in double space format.
  • Paper should be of a standard size of 8.5” x 11”
  • There should be margins of 1” on all sides
  • Font used be big and easily readable
  • Font recommended by APA style is 12 pt, Times New Roman
  • At the top of the page, running head should be included which is also called a page header. This is like a short version of the topic’s title and should be within 50 characters including punctuations and spacing.

Research paper bibliography

For any research paper, the bibliography being the most important part should be compiled and written in an APA style. This style of referencing is easy and requires less time and effort.

Steps to follow APA style bibliography

  • Give a title to the page. This should not be italicized or underlined and the text should be in the centre.
  • Based upon the writer’s last name, an alphabetized list of sources used should be created.
  • Writer’s last name and first initial are written. It is separated with a comma and periods are included after the initials
  • Date of publication is written within parentheses.
  • Article’s title is written
  • Title of the book or journal is listed in italicized text.
  • Publication place and name of publisher is then written with a colon separating them.
  • Leaving the first line of each entry, all other is indented.