Who Can Provide Me With Sociology Research Paper Topic Ideas

Sociology is a very interesting topic because it is so diverse. It encompasses everything in society. To start with, one must understand what sociology is to write a research paper on it. Then it is necessary to find a topic. Then the research has to happen and then the paper writing starts.

Sociology: the study of groups of people. This includes their customs, work, culture, and much much more. Sociology spans the entire globe and its history. The topics are boundless. There really isn’t any subject that can’t be written from a sociological point of view; even math.

How to decide what to write a sociology research paper on?

  • Break it down by area of the globe or by economic status.
  • Education
  • Television as a sociological microcosm
  • Teens in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and 10’s.
  • The 99%
  • The 1%
  • Taxes, who pays how much and why?
  • God, all the different names for and religions that have grown up around this supreme being
  • Food-why are we paying farmers not to farm? Why do we genetically enhance our food?
  • Politics-right vs left what do they agree on?

These are a few of millions of possibilities. Math can even be a sociological topic. We use statistics in sociology every day. What about the use of math in sociology? What does it mean? How do we know what the numbers really mean?

How to Break it Down

It is essential to think about a topic like sociology on the large scale but then to narrow it down to something that is manageable. The 99%, who are all these people? There is no way that one paper can cover a topic that broad. The title can be “The 99%” with a sub heading of “12% of that 99% explored”. It is up to the writer. Write about the dwindling middle class. The growing impoverished. How the people making minimum wage are still making more here than people in some nations will ever see in a lifetime.

Researching it

The important part of sociological study is the research. There are scholarly journals that can be used to find statistics on all the different classes in the US alone.


People study sociology to give others a grasp of other people’s situation. A lot of the material is easily found because it is a hot topic in the media.