The Ultimate Example of a Research Paper

So you’ve come looking for the secrets to the ultimate research paper. The ultimate example of one if you will. While there is no “ultimate” research paper, but there are “ultimate” examples of excellent research papers. These papers include everything that would make for a well written work and would be well worth the reader’s time. So what would such a paper include?

  • It’s formatted properly.
  • It’s well researched.
  • It’s well paced.
  • It’s interesting.
  • It states and addresses a problem or point.

Proper Formatting

Proper formatting actually matters to some readers. There are several forms of formatting such as American Psychological Association style (APA), Modern Language Association style (MLA), Harvard Format, Chicago/Turabian format and several others.

While some readers—professors especially—will require a specific style, roughly any of these would work. The main thing you should worry about is making sure proper credit is given to whatever works you have cited.

Well Researched

Research is very important to a great essay. Plenty of time should go into your research on your topic and an excellent research paper shows that and gives the reader a good deal of information without bogging the paper down.


A well-paced research paper touches on all of the main topics to be discussed without dwelling on one for too long. It isn’t bogged down on the facts of one topic, rather. All topics should get an even amount of time. Overall, the paper shouldn’t be rushed through where the reader doesn’t get a proper amount of information and shouldn’t run too sluggishly.

Some topics such as math and science-related ones are based solely on facts. It’s possible to pace your paper properly, but then we get to the next subject.


An interesting research paper is interesting. This goes hand in hand with the pacing of the paper and how even-handed the author is with information. Dosing too much information into the paper is equal to putting salt on your food and having the top come off of the shaker. In addition, it makes for a bland, cold paper.

Of course, there are some topics and some classes where you just can’t make the paper interesting. In these cases information is of the utmost importance and you can safely throw being interesting out of the window.

States or Addresses a Point

An excellent paper establishes the actual point of the paper. Basically, the author pops in with a thesis statement or establish a question or problem. Throughout the course of the paper, the author will also answer the question, solve the problem, or support their point. Not only that, but the author will keep a train of thought throughout.