What Are The Essential Parts Of A Five Paragraph Essay?

One of the most used formats for an essay is the five paragraph essay format. It is designed to give you an organized way of presenting your ideas in an essay format. The five paragraph essay format can be used for many different essays and is also an easy one to expand on for future papers. There are three main parts of a five paragraph essay. These three parts must be put in this order and need to be included in every essay that you write using this format.

When you utilize this concept in conjunction with transitional phrases, you will write a successful paper that guides your reader from beginning until end. You want your reader to be very clear about your main purpose for writing the paper and the evidence to support your claims. It is important for you to differentiate between your topics which is why the transitions are so crutial.

  • Part One: The introductory paragraphs
  • The first essential part of the five paragraph essay is the introduction. This is where you will tell your reader general information about your topic. This information will build the framework for your paper. It will describe to your reader the background information that they need to understand your paper. Every paper should be written as if the reader had no knowledge of the subject. The second part of the introduction is usually found as the last sentence of the paragraph. It is the thesis statement. This statement will be the generalized idea of what you are trying to prove. It is the main theme and reason behind the creation of the essay.

  • Part Two: Body paragraphs
  • The middle three paragraphs will be the body paragraphs. These paragraphs should each represent a reason to support the thesis. There should be a separate paragraph for each idea. This is the bulk of the paper. It is where you will tell your audience why you believe your thesis statement and where you would present the proof behind your beliefs.

  • Part Three: Conclusion
  • The final paragraph is your conclusion. It is designed to recap the entire paper and to provide some closure. It will be where you go over the main reasons again and where you pull all of the ideas together.

    The five paragraph essay format is very easy to accomplish. Just be sure to follow these simple formatting tips and you will easily write a successful paper.