How do you write A Man For All Seasons essay?

A Man For All Seasons is a popular play written by Robert Bolt. You will be required to write about it for your English class or in a literary analysis class. The most important thing to understand is the major themes, motifs, and symbols in the essay.

They include:

  1. The inability of the common man to reconcile the moral guidelines of society with the moral guidelines in the bible
  2. Corruption, as represented through the rise of Richard Rich, who betrays his own friend and moral stance.
  3. Friendship and the Self as depicted in More’s personal relationships
  4. Satire and wit, as demonstrated through More’s dialogue surrounding the court and its typically corrupt officials

While there are plenty of other items that you could focus on when writing your essay you could easily write several dozen papers with just the four items highlighted above.

Putting it All Together

While reading (or viewing) the play, you should take note of anything that strikes you. These are the things that will be easy for you to focus on. Once you know what themes, motifs, or symbols to focus on, you can take the time to expand your understanding.

Revisit the play and focus more on the understandings you developed during your first read. Continue taking notes and highlighting the text. As you complete the second reading you will gain a deep understanding of exactly what to focus on in your paper.

Create an Outline, Draft, and Final Revision

If you follow the suggestions listed above you will have all of the resources you need to build a perfect outline. Decide what you want to focus on and then find all of the pieces in the play that demonstrate this.

After you build your outline you can easily put together your first draft. That shouldn’t take much longer than two to three hours. Take a break from your paper and do something you find fun and interesting.

Come back to the draft and go through and find anything that feels weak. Don’t focus on grammar, punctuation, or spelling at this point. You can handle that last.

Once you know where your paper can be strengthened you can easily do so. You may need to eliminate entire sections and replace them with completely new ones. Within no more than ten hours you can have the perfect paper. Or, you could easily hire someone else to do it all for you while you enjoy a movie with your friends.