How to Write an Outstanding Medical Research Paper

  A medical research paper is like most research papers, however, when doing a medical research paper, you have to use different formatting for this layout.  I will show you how to write an outstanding medical research paper step by step. 

Medical Research Paper Start to Finish

  • Pick Your Topic:  First you must decide what topic you want to do your paper on.  I’m sure that you already have an idea of what you want to do it on but now you have to narrow down your choices and stick to one topic.
  • What Kind Of Research Paper Are You Writing: The way that you format your paper depends on what kind of paper you are writing.  A quantitative study is performing your own original research.  This will have sections for your hypothesis, findings, method, limitation, result, and so on.  However, a synthesis paper is where you study work that has already been done. 
  • Research:  So you have narrowed down you topic and know what kind of paper you are going to write, now let’s hit the books.  When you are researching for your paper you want to make sure that you use reliable sources, this includes books, articles, and websites.  Also, keep track of you sources as you go because you will need that later. 
  • Outline:  You have all the information, now what?  Make an outline of your ideas, this will help you write your paper later and show you holes in your research. 
  • Write Your Paper:  It is time to start writing your paper, keep in mind the way it is supposed to be set up as you are writing.  This will make editing and proofreading later easier.  Most research papers include a title page, headers and page numbers as well as abstract, body, and conclusion in it. 
  • Cite Your Sources In AMA:  Now it is time to cite you sources in American Medical Association style.  This includes the authors name, date, title, publisher, and city.  Don’t forget to put your citations in the text that you used from you sources.
  • Edit and Proofread:  Now that you are finished with your entire paper, it’s time to go back and make sure there are not error in your work.  Make sure to pay close attention to grammar, punctuation, citations, and over all presentation of the paper.  You want to also make sure that the paper is clear and makes sense.  You don’t want to lose the reader because of a simple mistake that should have been fixed before it was turned in.